Dr. Jordan Cooper Jacksonville, FL

Connecting to Natural Healing

Dr. Cooper was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age six, and ever since, knew he wanted to be in a profession that helped others. He was preparing to go into medical school when his fiancée was in a car accident. She saw a chiropractor for help, and he went along to see what the chiropractor had to say.

“I felt an instant connection to chiropractic’s philosophy of healing the body from the inside out.” He knew there was no cure for diabetes but was interested in more than just managing the symptoms. “I wanted to bring this same idea of healing and overall health to others.”

An Interest in Family Care

Dr. Cooper attended Florida State University for his undergraduate education before moving on to Life University in Marietta, GA for his degree in chiropractic. While in school, Dr. Cooper and his wife had their first child. “This motivated me to look into helping children and focusing on caring for entire families.” He also found himself better able to manage his insulin dependence through chiropractic.

Dr. Cooper Family

After his graduation in July 2011, Dr. Cooper and his wife moved back to their native Florida and opened up Cooper Chiropractic. They moved to the Jacksonville area in an effort to educate families and help them live stronger lives free of unnecessary disease and degeneration.

In addition to serving his patients, Dr. Cooper loves to teach students the Pierce Results System to help advance this incredible technology in the field of chiropractic. As a licensed chiropractor with advanced training in this system of spinal correction, Dr. Cooper is able to provide specific care to his patients.

Sharing Proactive Healthy Living

Dr. Cooper and his wife have a young son and daughter, Riley and Paige. “Our children were adjusted within an hour or two of birth and still receive regular chiropractic care. They haven’t had any lengthy or recurring health problems.” Dr. Cooper enjoys spending time with his little ones, mountain biking and playing guitar.

Dr. Cooper stays involved with chiropractic even when he’s not at the office. He teaches workshops for chiropractic students and coaches fellow chiropractors. “We also hold regular workshops and dinner talks at Cooper Chiropractic, A Family Wellness Practice, which we welcome our community members to participate in.”

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