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What we do at Cooper Chiropractic is different than anything you’ve experienced before. Jacksonville chiropractor, Dr. Jordan Cooper is a corrective chiropractor Jacksonville FL. Instead of only focusing on your symptoms of pain we look to the deeper cause in your body to help permanently correct your problem.



This structural correction will restore your body’s internal framework and give you a strong foundation to build the better health you deserve!

Bringing You Advanced Health Care

We’ll get you back to living your normal life through chiropractic care given with the most up-to-date equipment and technology.

We’re the only office between Atlanta and Tampa utilizing the Pierce Results System, which allows us to find the exact source of your problem and deliver results right where you need them.

Additionally, our videofluroscopy technology will help us to pinpoint nerve interference in your body. We’ll give you specific care to address your specific needs.

Healing From the Inside-Out

Chiropractic removes nerve interference from your body. It restores healthy cell metabolism, organ function and mental and physical well-being. You’ll feel more energized, move more easily and your immune system will be stronger. There’s no limit to who we can help. You’re never too young or old to benefit from a healthy nervous system.

Chiropractor Jacksonville FL


Since starting Jacksonville chiropractic care my biggest change I have noticed is that I am able to walk and stand differently.

Carrying my children no longer causes pain or exhaustion.


Dr. Cooper with kids


5 Reasons People Consult Our Practice:

Obvious Spinal Problem,Visceral or Organic Complaints, Natural Drug Free Health Care, Maintenance & Prevention & Stay Well


Dr. using reflex hammer


We use the Pierce Results System as a way of evaluating your spine, noticing how it moves through what should be normal ranges of motion. Spinal problems are revealed by having you turn and bend in specific ways.



Auto Accidents
Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Children & Infants
Colic Ear Infections
Neck Pain
Pinched Nerve
Slipped Disc


I came to Dr. Cooper because I experiencing tingling in my legs and numbness, along with neck pains, and scoliosis. I suffered from migraines and digestive issues my entire life as well. Since I have learned about chiropractic care, my life has changed in amazing ways! After a few weeks my balance changed and my legs were straighter, and NO MIGRANES! I have noticed that my digestion has improved and I am able to eat gluten again.

Anjelica O.
My son, DJ, had been attending speech and occupational therapy for some time, and after meeting Dr. Cooper and talking with him, I decided to see if we could help him with some of the developmental delays he was struggling with. We had noticed these development delays in him for the past 4-6 months, and we were determined to have an open mind to do anything that would help our son improve and live a better life. When Dr. Cooper told me how chiropractic could help, I was ready!

DJ has showed great improvement in his focus and ability to follow direction. His sleep is more regulated, and he has become more verbal and comfortable with communicating. Most of the changes happened very quickly! The change in his attention span was immediate and he seemed like a completely different child!

I have always desired to get under chiropractic care and am thankful to have trust in Dr. Cooper and his staff to help me improve my health. I suffered from headaches ever since I was a teenager, but over the past five years I have also had neck stiffness along with these headaches and terrible unresolved pain from fibromyalgia and with all of this going on, trouble sleeping. Once I was shown how uneven my hips and shoulders were, I was frightened and knew I needed to get onto a path of healing. It only took about 4-6 weeks before my fibromyalgia pain got much better! I have finally gone several months without ANY pain, and I am able to have nights of deep sleep. I even have better mobility and less stiffness overall!

Marilyn S.



Browse our website and then give us a call at (904) 619-8229 or email us with any questions or concerns about how we can help you and your entire family. Remember, we’re here because chiropractic works and you’re worth it!

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