Dr. Lauren Smedley Jacksonville, Fl

About Dr. Lauren

Dr. Lauren enjoys serving people and seeing them flourish in health! She also loves to educate the Jacksonville community on specific chiropractic, and enjoys watching families realize their true potential in health. Specifically, Dr. Lauren has a massive heart for pregnant moms, infants, and young children, as she knows that a healthy functioning nervous system gives our future generations the best start in life. Ultimately, Dr. Lauren enjoys witnessing her patients experience the freedom true health brings their lives.

Dr. Lauren first developed a love for the brain and the nervous system while attending Lafayette College in Easton, PA, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Lauren was a member of the Division 1 soccer team at Lafayette, captaining her team her senior year and garnering awards and school records for her performance on the field. She was also involved with many groups and clubs centered on her joy in helping others, which included being a caregiver for autistic children as well as a mentor for underprivileged children in the community.

Dr. Lauren continued her education at Life University in Marietta, GA to obtain her Chiropractic degree. Early on in the program, Dr. Lauren was exposed the specific chiropractic technique, called the Pierce Results System (PRS). However, it was not until she attended a seminar hosted by Dr. Cooper in Jacksonville, FL that Dr. Lauren ‘s passion and love for PRS truly ignited. Dr. Lauren fell in love with the objectivity of the analysis, and had the distinct privilege of learning directly from Dr. Cooper, her greatest mentor, throughout her schooling.

Dr. Lauren was born and raised in Hamilton, NJ, and spent the majority of her early years either on the sports field or with family at the Jersey Shore. Dr. Lauren is one of four children, and is lucky to be the product of two wonderful people she calls her parents. She has an identical twin sister whom is a physical therapist in Virginia, and two amazing brothers, one young and one older, whom both reside in NJ. In her free time, Dr. Lauren enjoys spending time with loved ones, reading inspiring books, serving at church, and runs on the beach.

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