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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Cooper Chiropractic, A Family Wellness Practice patient testimonials below and contact our office if you have any questions.

I came to Dr. Cooper because I experiencing tingling in my legs and numbness, along with neck pains, and scoliosis. I suffered from migraines and digestive issues my entire life as well. Since I have learned about chiropractic care, my life has changed in amazing ways! After a few weeks my balance changed and my legs were straighter, and NO MIGRANES! I have noticed that my digestion has improved and I am able to eat gluten again.

Anjelica O.
My son, DJ, had been attending speech and occupational therapy for some time, and after meeting Dr. Cooper and talking with him, I decided to see if we could help him with some of the developmental delays he was struggling with. We had noticed these development delays in him for the past 4-6 months, and we were determined to have an open mind to do anything that would help our son improve and live a better life. When Dr. Cooper told me how chiropractic could help, I was ready!

DJ has showed great improvement in his focus and ability to follow direction. His sleep is more regulated, and he has become more verbal and comfortable with communicating. Most of the changes happened very quickly! The change in his attention span was immediate and he seemed like a completely different child!

I have always desired to get under chiropractic care and am thankful to have trust in Dr. Cooper and his staff to help me improve my health. I suffered from headaches ever since I was a teenager, but over the past five years I have also had neck stiffness along with these headaches and terrible unresolved pain from fibromyalgia and with all of this going on, trouble sleeping. Once I was shown how uneven my hips and shoulders were, I was frightened and knew I needed to get onto a path of healing. It only took about 4-6 weeks before my fibromyalgia pain got much better! I have finally gone several months without ANY pain, and I am able to have nights of deep sleep. I even have better mobility and less stiffness overall!

Marilyn S.
We met Dr. Cooper at a health fair at Cypress Village and had our first nerve scan about a year and a half ago. After learning about Dr. Cooper’s corrective approach, we were impressed with his long-term treatment philosophy! We thought our symptoms were simply an experience of aging: some arthritis issues and spinal stenosis.

Since we have been under care, our balance has had such dramatic improvement and our overall health has made us feel much better! We are delighted to be able to walk, exercise and stay mobile! At our age, this is so important to us! We also love DR. Cooper’s holistic approach to overall health and undoing years of spinal damage. It is amazing to see the improvement in our scans after each treatment.

From our experience we think the consistency of treatment over the long term in addition with precise measurements has added quality to the years we have left!

Bob & Sandy G.
Gene suffered from neck and back pain as well as numbness in his hands and constant pain from an old leg injury. Carolyn’s arthritis and scoliosis caused constant back pain- the scoliosis over a long period of time had also caused one leg to become slightly shorter than the other which in turn created problems with balance and falling. Read more… We did not know the benefits of modern chiropractic treatment until our teenage grandson, who was already under Dr. Cooper’s care, invited us to the Doctor’s dinner, at which we explained how his methods of treatment and how chiropractic could improve our wellness- We were so impressed and frankly desperate for relief that we made an appointment to sign up!

Now after nearly two years of bi-weekly corrective treatments, we both have improved drastically! Gene’s knee is PAIN FREE! His neck and back pain from old injury is reduced and respond well to Dr. Cooper’s treatment. Additionally, his hands are no longer numb! Carolyn’s back pain is now less frequent and less severe! Dr. Cooper works on her shoulder regularly and has corrected the difference in length of her legs so that she is more comfortable, and NO MORE FALLS! “Praise God, Thank you Dr. Cooper! We also couldn’t ask for a more gracious staff. It is well worth our drive from St. John’s county twice a month!”

Gene & Carolyn C.
I started care due to lower back pain and trouble sleeping- this had been going on for about 3-5 years! After beginning care I have finally been able to sleep through the night, and I don’t even feel the pain in my lower back anymore! This was great because I no longer needed my prescriptions to sleep. However, chiropractic brought even more amazing results in my son, who has ADHD and has had great overall behavioral changes. He has had AHDH for five years but after his second adjustment, I can see that he is much calmer and more attentive! This has been so important to reduce his medications as well. We are so thankful for Dr. Cooper and that we had friends to share their story with us so we could benefit from chiropractic care!

Sean K. & Zachary K.
I started chiropractic care because of my upper and lower back pain, hip and shoulder pain, and because I was allergic to EVERYTHING! This affected me for almost ten years before I knew I needed to find the right care to help me, and found Dr. Cooper through my daughter and her family who were under his care. After starting I began to see changes in only two months! I had total improvements because of Dr. Cooper’s corrective care and I have been able to eliminate all of my allergy and sinus medications.

Brenda E.
I began care with Dr. Cooper after a recommendation from a friend. I had suffered from constant pain in my legs, back, neck and shoulders for about ten years! After all of this time suffering, I wanted to find relief without medication. After starting care, I started to notice changes after my second treatment, bringing me relief from constant pain. These positive changes included a much higher energy level with less stress, which allowed me to start riding my bicycle again five days a week for ten miles per day. Additionally, I am now able to take less blood pressure medication after being treated by Dr. Cooper! Dr. Cooper’s office is a truly healing place!

George G.
I needed chiropractic care after my first minor car accident left me with back pain SO painful that I was unable to sit, sleep or even work comfortably! What was even more shocking is that within a couple of months under Dr. Cooper’s care, I realized that I had been in unnecessary back pain for YEARS. What I thought was ‘normal’ was not- no one should be living in pain, no matter what your age. Pain is your bodies’ way of telling you that something is WRONG, has Dr. Cooper has really made the wrong-pain- RIGHT! Since starting care, I can sleep without waking up in pain, I can do the little things in life without feeling the distracting and uncomfortable pain in my neck, and I can sit in a chair without it hurting my back. My strength has increased, my sleep has improved, and my spasms have gone away! Dr. Cooper has truly given me freedom from pain and the ability to live the life I love!

Brianna R.
I have been experiencing overwhelming problems in my health for YEARS! So much was going on affecting my wellness such as daily headaches, neck & back pain, trouble sleeping. The worst part was that my legs would go TOTALLY numb at night! But since starting care, I was so relieved that after 2 or 3 weeks, I did not experience any numbness or tingling in my legs, Crazy! I also sleep like a baby and have some much more energy.

I am grateful that one of my friends was a major influence prompting me to start care, because corrective chiropractic care was the best decision I have ever made- especially for my son Adler. We love the office and feel so comfortable here, and are always greeted with a smile!

Kacy J.
My wife influenced me to begin chiropractic care, despite myself being very skeptical. When I went to one of Dr. Cooper’s Doctor’s Reports, I started to understand what chiropractic could do for me. I suffered from diabetes and had a terrible motorcycle accident years ago. While under care I saw a lot of changes but one of the most amazing and shocking is that my blood sugar has gone down and I have even been able to slowly come off of my insulin.

David M.
Years ago, I was hit by a truck as a pedestrian and have suffered ever since from neck, back and hip pain from the injuries sustained from this terrible accident. I had sustained a basal fracture, hip and pelvis fracture, and torn ligaments in my knee. After all this time I was so tired of feeling bad all of the time and having to live on pain pills to get through the day. When I found Dr. Cooper, I knew that I was finally I the right place. Under care I have been able to finally walk without so much pain, and even sleep better because of it. My back and legs feel much better and I am no longer in constant pain due to these injuries.

Lugia M.
My initial reason for starting care with Dr. Cooper is I was having a lot of pain in my lower back and hip. I knew from a previous chiropractor that I had many uncorrected subluxations but was very unhappy with the care I was receiving. I have been experiencing problems in my health for the past year. Since starting care my biggest change I have noticed is that I am able to walk and stand differently. Carrying my children no longer causes pain or exhaustion.

I have also noticed fewer headaches. Overall, I have noticed that I can walk a straight line! My balance has also improved a great deal and I don’t run into things as often with means fewer bumps and bruises! I am only on my 4th adjustment and I have already noticed all of these changes! I saw changes after my very first adjustment!! I knew I wanted to begin care but I was looking for the right provider and I found him! My overall experience in the office has been fantastic and I look forward to each visit. I am amazed by all the ways subluxations have affected my life without me realizing it! Thank you Dr. Cooper for helping me and my family return to good health!

Adriene K.
I sought chiropractic care after a car accident left me with back pain so painful that I was unable to sit, sleep, or even work comfortably. Within a couple of months under Dr. Cooper’s care, I realized that I had been in unnecessary back pain for years. What I thought was “normal” was not. No one should be living in pain, no matter your age. Dr. Cooper has given me freedom from pain. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. And Dr. Cooper really has made the wrong (pain) right!

I can sleep without waking up in pain. I can take in the “small things” like being able to look up at the sky and admire the clouds without feeling distracting pain in my neck. I can sit in a chair longer than 15 minutes without having to worry about back spasms when I stand up. I have increased strength…ask my gym trainer! I have improved sleep! The last “change” that took about two months was the ability to lie flat on my stomach with no pain. I love to surf so lying on my belly is important to me.

Brianna R.
I work long hours at a desk in front of the computer and was suffering from significant neck and back discomfort as a result. For two years this pain got progressively worse. A family member suggested I try chiropractic care after her family had had great improvements in their health. I am feeling much, much better overall and not just in my back and neck. I have seen positive changes in my balance, mobility, sleeping, and digestion and have fewer headaches! The changes were noticeable almost immediately. On a scale of 1-10, my experience at Cooper Chiropractic has been off the charts! Everyone is friendly and informative.

Deb M.
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